Welcome to the new paradigm!

The Peaceful Planet Project is the culmination of several years of feeling disconnected with the current state of living. It is founded on the principles that each man, woman, child and living being deserves the true freedom of expression and creativity that is not provided by the mainstream way of life.

A community-based and ecologically oriented lifestyle sounds extreme to some of our brothers and sisters living in these times. Some people simply do not recognize how disconnected we are when living in such an unsustainable way, as we have been conditioned to live in the industrial age. Through cooperation we can work past the problems of the industrialized world, including fossil fuel dependency, contaminated water supply, radiation, issues with modern medicine, poverty, and hunger. As a global movement continues to sweep across planet Earth, we can work together again as one people to rebuild our communities and our lives. As we begin again to recognize our connection to all there is, our collective consciousness will begin to expand, and we will evolve in ways we cannot even begin to imagine at this moment!

We are currently in the learning and planning stages of building an eco-village in West Michigan. An eco village is comprised of a community of people co-creating a life together, by recognizing and cultivating the abundant resources the earth has to offer.  This involves using each valuable resource in the most effective way possible; decreasing the inputs, while simultaneously increasing the outputs. Some ways we will do this include growing rich food forests using permaculture principles, and building self-sustaining energy systems. Spiritual practices will also be an important factor in the entire process of creating our community.